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What Can I Do If Food Always Gets Stuck Between My Teeth?

added on: June 22, 2022

There are certain foods that are almost guaranteed to get stuck in between your teeth. Things like seeds, broccoli, spinach, and meat products usually require a good flossing to remove all of the food particles left behind. But did you know that if you always get food stuck in between the same teeth you may have something called a food trap? Food traps can increase your risk of certain dental problems and are a concern for your dentist in Austin

What is a Food Trap? 

A food trap is essentially exactly what it sounds like – a gap in between teeth that allows food to collect and get stuck. Food from these gaps can be difficult to remove, even with floss, but it’s really important to remove food promptly before it has a chance to build up and cause problems.

Food Trap Problems

Areas of trapped food can be problematic and can lead to additional dental issues. You see, when there are food particles lingering around in the mouth, they can feed bacteria and allow them to thrive. The more bacteria the more likely it is that decay will form and you will get a cavity. But that’s not all. Food traps have also been known to cause gum disease and bad breath, or they can make an area of existing decay even worse. 

Causes of Food Traps

If you notice that food is getting stuck in between the same teeth every time or almost every time you eat, you should schedule an appointment with your dentist in Austin for an exam. They’ll take a look at the area to determine what may be causing the food trap and recommend the best treatment for you. Some of the most common causes of food traps are: 

  • Gaps

Gaps between teeth that are too big are usually the main culprit behind a food trap. Your dentist may recommend orthodontic treatment or perhaps cosmetic dentistry to fill in the gaps. 

  • Decay

Many times decay can’t be seen by the naked eye or even felt, but that doesn’t mean cavities aren’t there. Cavities cause a tiny hole to form in the tooth, making it a great place for food to hide. Your dentist in Austin will most likely place a dental filling to block up the hole. 

  • Damaged Tooth

Similar to decay and cavities, a damaged tooth can provide a great little cave for food to get stuck. Damaged teeth can include broken or chipped teeth or an older dental restoration that needs to be replaced. 

  • Gum Disease

Gum disease will cause small pockets to form under the gums and again give food a place to wedge into. Gum disease is a serious condition that requires early treatment so it doesn’t have a chance to progress. Advanced gum disease has been linked to tooth loss and well as whole-body issues like an increased risk of heart disease. 

Don’t assume that getting food stuck in between your teeth is normal. Make sure you talk with your dentist about any problems you’re experiencing so you can get the right treatment for yourself.