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Cancer and Gum Disease in Austin

Neglecting Signs of Gum Disease: Connections to Cancer

Cancer is something most people worry, at least to some degree, about. As we get older many of us make efforts to lower our risk of getting Cancer. If you aren’t counting your gum health as part of that equation, you could be at unnecessary risk for several types of cancer, such as blood cancers, kidney, and pancreatic cancer. Gum disease is connected to a number of diseases, including several cancers, heart disease, osteoporosis, stroke, chronic respiratory infections, ulcers, and more. Austin dentists at Broberg Family Dental urge you to consider your gum health in your efforts to stay healthy.

Cancer and Gum Disease Austin

Gum Health and Systemic Diseases

Several diseases are being increasingly linked to oral bacteria. That’s what gum disease is. It’s an ongoing infection in the mouth that just gets worse over time. What might start out as some tenderness and blood in the sink when you brush your teeth could escalate to receding gums and an ongoing mouth infection that releases bacteria into your bloodstream, your digestive system, and your respiratory system as well.

Good gum health means you’ll have less of a chance of tooth loss as you age. Good gum health also means you won’t have elevated risks of a variety of systemic diseases that are increasingly linked to periodontitis.

Get Help with Periodontal Disease in Austin, TX

Have you had a gum assessment recently? Broberg Family Dental in Austin, TX is taking on new patients and would be happy to assess your gums. If you have signs of gum disease, a tailored approach will be discussed with you to help you stop this disease from progressing and putting your teeth and your health at risk. Gum disease can be stopped if it’s caught early. It could be brewing in your mouth even before symptoms appear.

We offer a number of solutions to gum disease as well as referrals to Austin periodontists for those who have advanced periodontitis.

Call Broberg Family Dental at (512) 861-6045 to discuss your oral health. In addition to periodontal assessments and gum disease treatment we can help you with a variety of oral health issues ranging from general dentistry to teeth whitening, adult orthodontic options, smile makeovers, and more.