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Dental Savings Plan

Insurance-Free Affordable Dentistry in Austin

Everyone’s Eligible for the Broberg Dental Saving Plan

Don’t let lack of dental insurance coverage for you or your family hold you back from staying on track with your oral health. Our Broberg Dental Assistance Savings Plan is your solution for affordable dentistry in Austin that everyone can qualify for without worrying about waiting periods, deductibles, pre-authorizations, or pre-existing condition limitations. We have a plan for individuals where you can start saving immediately on treatments — including cosmetic and orthodontic transformations. Say “Yes” to our savings plan with no restrictions on what you can do for you and your smile to be healthy!

How Does the Dental Savings Plan Work?

Broberg Dental is all-inclusive in our care, meaning everyone can access high-quality, high-tech dentistry — with or without insurance. Our savings plan was created as an alternative for patients who want something easy to enroll in with a low annual membership fee, and discounts on life-changing dentistry. Here’s the benefit premium breakdown:

Plan Total Annual Cost

  • Single $389

– Estimated exams, cleanings, screening x-rays, and fluoride is $590 per patient per year.

What Does the Dental Savings Plan Cover?

We give you nothing but complete care — including 100% discounts on gentle cleanings, state-of-the-art digital x-rays, and comprehensive exams. What’s best is you’ll also get up to 15% off transformative cosmetic treatments, composite fillings, and more. Coverage includes savings or discounts you typically won’t find with general dental insurance.

How Do I Sign Up?

We created our Broberg Dental Savings Plan to bring less stress to your life and affordable dentistry to all of Austin. We make it easy for everyone to get started, whether coverage is solely for you or an entire family. Talk to us about enrollment and let our friendly team take care of the rest. (This program is a discount plan, not a dental insurance plan, and is secondary to any other dental plan. Please ask if you have questions about program exclusions or limitations.)