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OraVerse in Austin

Wish Dental Freezing Wore Off Sooner? Now it Can at Our Austin Dental Office

It’s wonderful that dental anesthetics exist, helping us avoid pain from necessary dental procedures. But after your time in the chair is done, you undoubtedly want to get on with your life. And dental freezing or numbing can take time to wear off. Sometimes it seems like it takes a dog’s age for you to be able to resume normal speech and eating. And how many times have you inadvertently injured your jaw or cheek by biting it due to dental freezing? Broberg Family Dental in Austin, TX offers OraVerse: a great solution to get rid of dental freezing effects sooner.


About OraVerse

OraVerse helps your Austin dentist get your sensations returning faster. Some people report freezing taking five or more hours to wear off. But Oraverse involves return to sensation in about half the time as without it.

OraVerse is an injection that is administered the same way freezing is given. You won’t feel pain as you’ll already be under the influence of dental freezing when it is given.

It’s not for everyone. Children or babies, particularly under 33 pounds, pregnant women, those with heart disease, and certain medical conditions could be preclusions. Most people are able to use OraVerse and many report to us that they are thrilled with the fast results. Talk to your dentist about health concerns that could cause drug interactions or contraindications.

This is an alpha-adrenergic blocking agent, also referred to as phentolamine mesylate. Talk to us to get more information about specific side effect risks and for further information.

Additional Reasons to Choose Our Austin Dental Office

In addition to OraVerse, we’ve invested in a number of modern dental technology offerings. Broberg Family Dental and the Austin dental team strive to make every appointment pleasant and stress-free.

Whether you are interested in sedation dentistry, OraVerse, periodontal screening, or another area of cosmetic or family dentistry, call us at (512) 861-6045 to book your no-obligation consultation.