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Gum Disease and Stroke

At Risk for Stroke? Get Your Gums Checked ASAP!

Stroke prevention includes gum disease prevention. Did you know that poor gum health can elevate stroke risk? If you have been told you are at risk for stroke, or you’ve already had a stroke, gum disease is a major concern for you. People with gum disease have a significantly higher stroke risk.

In addition to risk of stroke, gum disease can put you at increased risk for heart attack, certain cancers, diabetes, and more. There’s also the important fact that periodontitis (gum disease) leads to tooth loss, too. This serious disease puts your mouth in jeopardy and the health of the mouth is strongly connected to the health of your whole body.

Broberg Family Dental

Austin, TX dentist Dr. Eric S. Broberg of Broberg Family Dental is taking on new patients. Dental examinations involve gum assessments and if you are at risk for gum disease or are at risk for stroke, please do not hesitate to contact us about your gum health.

Ways to Lower Your Stroke Risk

Lowering your risk of stroke can be done with lifestyle changes, such as eating healthy food, avoiding tobacco, and increasing physical activity. But you can also lower your stroke risk by ensuring your gums are healthy.

If you have bleeding gums, sores on your gums that won’t heal, or have noticed any changes in your gum health, give us a call. If you haven’t had a gum assessment within six months, it’s also important to book one. The disease can progress quickly.

Why does gum disease boost risk of stroke and other diseases? It is most likely the active infection, stress on the immune system, bacteria continually entering the blood stream and the respiratory system. People with gum disease need to be put on a periodontal maintenance program to stop that bacteria and keep it away.

Periodontal Treatments Available at Our Austin, TX Dental Office

Gum disease affects about 80% of the population to some degree. Gum disease treatments will vary depending on severity. Scaling and root planing is one way that our Austin dentists can help you. This deep cleaning gets into gum pockets to eradicate bacteria. Gum disease medications and oral rinses can also be part of the treatment. If you have gum disease, periodontal maintenance is going to be recommended, keeping you on a schedule to ensure that gum disease does not progress and boost health risks.

If periodontitis is extremely advanced, we can refer you to an Austin periodontist. Book an appointment at our Austin dental office to discuss gum disease and stroke as well as other oral health concerns you have. We are taking on new patients and get rave reviews from dental patients in Austin, Dripping Springs, Driftwood, Oak Hill, Bee Caves, Lakeway, and the surrounding area. Call (512) 861-6045 to book a check-up or gum assessment.