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Gum Disease and Respiratory Infections

Gum Disease and Chronic Respiratory Infections: The Connection

Are your gums healthy? If they are not, you could be at risk for a number of problems. Beyond putting yourself at risk for tooth loss, there could be a domino effect of other health problems that are related to having a chronic infection in your mouth. Respiratory problems, such as chronic pneumonia, COPD, and bronchitis could be related to your untreated gum disease.

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Unhealthy gums can lead to chronic infections in the blood, in your respiratory system, can impact your digestion, your immune system, and more. In fact, it raises your risk for cardiovascular disease and for stroke: one of the leading causes of death. Periodontal disease equates to an ongoing infection in the mouth and that infection impacts all the body’s systems.

Are Your Gums Healthy?

Do you have signs of gum disease? Bleeding gums may begin as treatable gingivitis but untreated, can lead to periodontitis. Sore gums, discolorations, sudden changes in the mouth such as loose teeth — these can all be signs of gum disease.

Gum disease can also progress silently. If you haven’t had a gum assessment in six months or longer, it’s time to visit your Austin dentist. If you have ongoing respiratory problems, it might be time to check your gums. Conversely, if you deal with periodontal disease you could avoid chronic respiratory infections as well as other systemic problems and diseases. Osteoporosis, Diabetes, ulcers, certain Cancers, Cardiovascular Disease, and stroke are all connected to gum health. The sooner you treat it the better the chances of stopping gum disease from impacting your lungs and your overall health.

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