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Pregnancy and Gum Disease

Gum Disease Could Hurt Your Pregnancy

Gum disease could harm your pregnancy. Gum disease is a dangerous and destructive disease that’s linked to a number of health problems and diseases and pregnant women, in particular, need to pay close attention to gum health.

If you’re thinking about becoming pregnant, a dental check-up should be on your pre-conception checklist. It’s almost as important as taking folic acid before becoming pregnant.

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If you’re already pregnant and see signs of dental problems, there are options for safely treating many dental problems despite pregnancy. Talk to us at our Austin dental office about dental problems during pregnancy. Gum disease is a major concern so if you have signs of gum disease during pregnancy, it’s imperative that you get treated.

Get Help in Austin for Gum Disease and Pregnancy Gingivitis

If you are pregnant and start noticing blood in the sink after brushing or blood on your dental floss, it’s important to talk to your dentist. Hormonal changes can cause gingivitis during pregnancy and it’s important to get a dental cleaning to remove bacteria that could cause havoc during your pregnancy. Oral bacteria continually enter the bloodstream and could put you at risk for early labor. There is an old adage that says you lose a tooth for every baby you have but that doesn’t have to be the case. Good oral care before pregnancy and seeing your dentist immediately to report problems during pregnancy can help preserve your teeth and ensure that poor oral health doesn’t contribute to premature labor.

Book a Gum Assessment at Broberg Family Dental in Austin, TX

Call Broberg Family Dental at (512) 861-6045 to book an appointment and mention that you are pregnant. Special precautions can be taken to ensure your pregnancy is taken into account before any dental treatments are performed.

If possible, a pre-conception dental appointment can involve a good thorough teeth cleaning and gum assessment as well as a check to help minimize any problems with your oral health during pregnancy. Gum disease is a dangerous and destructive disease at any point in your life but during pregnancy it has the ability to impact not just you but your unborn baby.

Dr. Eric S. Broberg takes oral health seriously and offers gentle and caring dentistry customized to your unique needs. Whether you need a new family dentist or are having oral health problems during pregnancy we would be pleased to meet with you.