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Gum Disease and Diabetes

Austin, TX Periodontal Treatment Available for Diabetics

If you have diabetes, you need to pay extra special attention to your oral health. Gum disease makes diabetes very difficult to manage. The reverse is also true. If you have Diabetes your oral health can decline rapidly. Austin dentist Dr. Eric S. Broberg can help. Book a gum disease consultation with us. We offer assessments and customized periodontal disease treatment and maintenance programs that factor both your oral health and your overall health, too.

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Gum Disease and Type 2 Diabetes Risks

Gum disease is linked to a number of health problems and with Diabetes it’s a double-edged sword.

Diabetics face high periodontal disease risks. And the reverse is true, too, because those who have diabetes risk factors are at even greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes when they neglect the signs of gum disease. Ongoing oral infections can make it very difficult to control blood sugar levels.

Periodontal Programs in Austin for Diabetics

Diabetics need to be proactive about their blood sugar and the same is true about their oral health. A regular oral care regimen helps immensely. Our Austin dentists can put you on a periodontal maintenance program and it could significantly help with keeping your oral health in check as well as in ensuring that oral infections do not make it more difficult for you to effectively manage your blood sugar levels.

At Broberg Family Dental we are passionate about oral health and oral health directly correlates to overall health. Let us help you keep your smile bright and healthy and please let us know about any health conditions. Beyond diabetes you could be at high risk of stroke and heart disease, osteoporosis, ulcers, and chronic respiratory infections due to untreated gum disease. Call our Austin dental team at (512) 861-6045 to book a periodontal consultation. We can also help with general and a variety of cosmetic dentistry areas.